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Window-shopping in Florence

More snow. Everywhere white. Not crisp but wet. Deep and slushy on the road. Sky like pewter. Swathes of snowdrops and daffodils surging upwards like sky charging spears, raised hopes of spring. These have been blasted, a reminder that March … Continue reading

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Terracotta, yellow ochre and green

The autumn sun, with a temperature more akin to summer, added a further glaze of warmth to the terracottas, yellow ochres and greens plus the wines and olives of Tuscany. The temperature in the Scottish Borders had dropped to single … Continue reading

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Shortcut and spaceship

It’s 1.30am and we’ve just arrived home. It was the read through of my play and because my car was in the garage (driver’s side window had stuck in down position) my husband had to take me. Rather funny driving … Continue reading

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Reindeers to red guards

I’ve recently been setting Borders Writers’ Form’s third anthology, due for publication in late October/early November. With a theme of Scottish Borders and Beyond it has brought wonderful stories of journeys in amazing parts of the world dropping into my … Continue reading


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Creamy cream cakes and chewy bread

Bread is the staff of life, so it is said, a staple food to sustain on life’s rollercoaster road. For too many years this staff has been demeaned until little more than a crack-filler that clags up the mouth, and … Continue reading

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