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Hoots, honks and bangs

With a thrill of excitement yesterday I watched my very own video on YouTube. For my first book, In the Wake of the Coup, I put together a Powerpoint presentation for the launch. For my second novel, The Seaweed Cage, … Continue reading

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Jasmine has a red sports car

Sometimes I just want to get out, away from computer and books, folders and papers. Where we go (husband is usually dragged along) doesn’t much matter, as long as there is something of interest to photograph. The Scottish Borders is … Continue reading

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Seaweed — another strand

  Thank you to Dina for sending me a link to a video on mechanical seaweed harvesting off the west coast of Norway and the damage that is causing to the seabed. Whilst watching it I noticed this video which … Continue reading

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The Seaweed Cage

The Seaweed Cage I have added a page with details of my new book. Hope you will wander over and have a look.

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Weed wealth — from the sea

Lunch today had a new flavour, though it was difficult to pin down. A taste of the sea was suggested, but I didn’t get it. All that was reaching my taste buds was nutty homemade bread. The meat with it … Continue reading

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As changeable as…

I live in a country with a climate described as temperate, but which can at times include the weather of all four seasons (plus a few more) within one day. The sun comes out, the temperature rises; the rain comes … Continue reading

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We all tended to pong

When young, I spent most of my holidays on the west coast of Scotland — in a place only thirty or so miles from where I stayed. Those of us who stayed in and around Glasgow were lucky to be … Continue reading

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