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Extra for life vests

One third of the 1000 Syrian refugees to be relocated in the UK before Christmas will be coming to Scotland, with the new arrivals shared across half the country’s local council areas. A Scottish government minister has said Scotland’s response … Continue reading

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Quietly buzzing

I’m sure I’ve been inside before. I must have…surely. Yet I can’t remember when. And the vague memory flitting round my mind isn’t borne out by the interior. I’ve heard it said that visitors often know places better than local … Continue reading

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Behind, in front of, or marooned?

I was born into a generation where the purchase of a new dress or pair of shoes was still considered something of an indulgence, a treat, an extravagance made necessary because of an upcoming special occasion (wedding or suchlike). Thrift, … Continue reading

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Let the Games begin

Festival of cliché; kitsch; sobbin’ with embarrassment; butchered Scottish culture; dire; fantastic; passable; turned out OK in the end; highlight was the African lassie singing Freedom Come All Ye; an absolute joke of an opening ceremony; all in all, pretty … Continue reading

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