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Sun, olives, lamb and baklava

On a hot summer evening in the Aegean olives have a zingy, comforting flavour that’s missing at home where they are merely really good. The same goes for watermelon. Served up free at many restaurants what is often a tasteless … Continue reading

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You too can have one

Coats of Arms, using them and hanging them on your wall. Continue reading

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Closing down (a bit like 2015)

It was a great deal – the reason we went to Rhodes for two weeks rather than, one as the cost was little more. We didn’t question why, vaguely thinking it was due to the lateness of the season, a … Continue reading

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When Knights strode the streets

I expected old buildings conserved as museums or belonging to government departments or architectural firms, quiet, rather staid, keep off the grass and don’t touch the furnishings. I should have known better for, athough that’s the ethos in buildings belonging … Continue reading

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Extra for life vests

One third of the 1000 Syrian refugees to be relocated in the UK before Christmas will be coming to Scotland, with the new arrivals shared across half the country’s local council areas. A Scottish government minister has said Scotland’s response … Continue reading

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A multi-faceted historical mosaic

It was dark when we arrived, and as our bus whisked us from airport to hotel all we saw were the lit windows of shops and their tarpaulin-covered extensions where racks and rails of colourful goods ranged across pavements like … Continue reading

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