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Sonsie Face

Last night, somewhat early as the bard’s birthday was January 25th, we partook of Sonsie Face. We attended the Burns Supper in our local village hall and savoured what Rabbie Burns, Scotland’s national bard, called – Fair fa’ your honest, … Continue reading

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The taste, texture and smell of likes and dislikes

Why do we like and dislike certain foods, crave some whilst turning up our noses in disdain at others? Is there a twist in a gene that determines whether we gorge on cheese or refuse to eat fish? OK, maybe … Continue reading

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Creamy cream cakes and chewy bread

Bread is the staff of life, so it is said, a staple food to sustain on life’s rollercoaster road. For too many years this staff has been demeaned until little more than a crack-filler that clags up the mouth, and … Continue reading

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