Book launch

Come…and gone

Rolling hills, rolls of hay

The Scottish Borders countryside through the car window on the way to my book launch

The launch of my first book has come and gone. The evening was planned, the presentation was put together, added to, tweaked and the wine, cheese and chocolate cake were bought.

Fun and games fitting projector, very large screen, assorted tables, food and drink, books and other assorted stuff deemed necessary in the car along with husband, son and myself. Husband and son did the techie stuff, the setting up the lugging and positioning while I fluttered around.

Car and The Haining

Unloading the car at The Haining, the venue for my book launch. Think we brought everything but the kitchen sink.

A lovely warm September day had slid into a beautiful evening with the sun glinting off the little loch that The Haining overlooks.

Loch through the window

View of the loch through one of the windows of the room in which my book was launched at The Haining.

Soon people started to arrive. We didn’t anticipate many as lots of events are competing for audiences. Not what we anticipated with schools back and most organisations not yet started up for the winter season. But we were very pleased by the turnout with a friend even making the three hour journey from Argyll to attend.

Water, water, water

Water as a natural resource is part of the story. Global water demand will increase by 50% by 2050. Water will be the new oil for water rich countries like Caledon in the decades to come. The book explains all.

Chat as people arrived, then on to readings, a quirky presentation in which I had used some of my photographs, questions, another reading and then back to the food and wine and more chat. Book signing and sales, too. Seems unbelievable.


A slide from my presentation. Helena is one of my spooks.

Political chess

Helena’s spooky friends will not be found here. Their game is political chess and playing with the pawns.

Home. Exhausted. My first published book has been launched.


5 Responses to Book launch

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  2. mybrightlife says:

    Congrats! Am halfway through A War at Dawn and then onto yours!

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