In the Wake of the Coup

I have taken the plunge and self-published a novel under the Twinlaw Publishing imprint, named after the two Twinlaw cairns nearby.

Stone cairns

The Twinlaw Cairns , high on the Lammermuir Hills, built to commemorate the tragic combat between two brothers, separated at birth, who found themselves in opposing armies, each unaware of the other’s identity.
‘And they biggit twa cairns on the heather
They biggit them roond and high
On the top of Twin law Hill
Where they twa brithers lie’

In the Wake of the Coup is a satirical political novel set in an offshore north-west European island.Download_on_iBooks_Badge_US-UK_110x40_090513

A coup. The civil service takes over government. Caledon, where a referendum vote favouring independence has been ignored, is given its autonomy,

In the Wake of the Coupleaving Downsouth under a dictatorship.

In the wake of the coup Caledon born McTavish and Ludmilla, from an influential family in Downsouth, form a relationship whilst working together in Caledon where a colleague is mysteriously murdered.

They move to work for the Downsouth Government. Despite Ludmilla’s assertions that life is good, it isn’t long before rumoured manipulations and peculiar happenings cause concern. Conflicting loyalties are exposed, questions raised about colleagues. What are they plotting – the re-annexation of Caledon or the restoration of democracy in Downsouth?

When Ludmilla disappears with the King’s daughter the trail leads back to Caledon.

Although the book has a political setting, it is a book about people — people who don’t always fit into neat pigeonholes, people who are passionate and apathetic, people who can surprise in many different ways.

Further information on the book and the launch can be found here on the Twinlaw Publishing website.

With the publication of my book, I have joined the Alliance of Independent Authors.


3 Responses to In the Wake of the Coup

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  2. mamacormier says:

    Congratulations, Dorothy. If I want a paperback copy can I order through Has anyone reviewed it yet? What an accomplishment!

    • Thanks, Carol. It has been an all-consuming project, the editing especially was time-consuming and challenging, but when I hold the finished book in my hand it seems worthwhile. Not sure exactly how Amazon works but presume you can order via (which reminds me I have my author’s page to upload there). No reviews as yet as it’s just published so if you feel like writing one that would be great. It’s a bit quirky… but I rather like quirky.

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