Look what arrived today

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Wasn’t expecting the delivery for another few days – so an exciting surprise.

Front cover small onlineWaiting for Change is my fourth novel. It is early 2007, the run-up to three exciting years in Scottish political history. For Davina – wife, and mother of teenage sons Duncan and Jason – life and politics forcefully collide when her husband Myles announces his intention to stand for the Westminster parliament.

Davina’s state of flux heralds a major earthquake, bringing tea, blethers, a belly dancer and an insistent reporter into her life, along with a much darker and disturbing aspect. Drawn against her will into Myles’ campaign, the return of her father, who walked out on her and her mother thirty-two years previously, adds a knotty complication. Can she forgive, and accept the gambler back into her life?

As Myles settles into campaign routine, Jason along with girlfriend Tania and her mother Sandra, add their own slubbed strands to events already made jittery by queues of angry depositors intent on taking their life savings from collapsing banks, financial markets in meltdown and politicians who stomp and vacillate. With the approach of the 2010 general election, Davina copes with Myles’ doubts in his target Scottish Borders seat, Sandra’s clashes with her former husband, and the trauma of media as well as physical attacks, to survive the experience, craving more, though with one crucial difference.

It is against a background of economic uncertainty and political change that Waiting for Change plays out, wending its way through years and events, personal and national crises, to the 2010 Westminster election – three years that radically change the political landscape of Scotland, three years that shake Davina from her comfortable rut and alter both her memories and expectations of life.




All are available from Twinlaw publishing – http://www.twinlawpublishing.co.uk and from Amazon as paperbacks and ebooks.




About jingsandthings

I am me. What do I like? Colour Shapes Textures Paintings, photographs, sculptures, woven tapestries, wonderful materials. The love of materials probably comes from my father who was a textile buyer, and I grew up hearing the names of mills and manufacturers which sounded magical and enticing. Glass in all its soft and vibrant colours and flowing shapes, even sixties glass which makes its own proud statement. A book I can immerse myself in. Meals with family or friends with lots of chat and laughter (and probably a bottle or two of wine). The occasional trip abroad to experience the sights, sounds, food, conversation, quality of light and warmth of other countries. To revel in differences and be amazed by similarities. I like to create and to experience, to try and to achieve. And then there are words – read, heard, written at my keyboard, or scrawled on sticky notes, or along the edges of dog-eared supermarket receipts excavated from the unexplored nooks of my handbag. What do I dislike? Cold Snow Bad design Fast food Condescension
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12 Responses to Look what arrived today

  1. lenathehyena says:

    Good luck with your latest book. Exciting indeed. Will track it down. Looking forward to it already. ☺

    • Thank you, Lena. It’s always exciting when you see the printed outcome of nearly a year’s work. I was struggling to get it finished before going on holiday (the printer had a special deal which ran to the end of June) and ended up taking it with me for a final revision. Worked out fine as i sat on the balcony in the mornings reading through it on my laptop. Then I had to find an appropriate image for the cover which required input from son for a bit of Photoshopping. But pleased with it. I came across the Obama quotes (one of them is on the Waiting for Change page) and just had to use them as they were so appropriate.

  2. Chris says:

    How exciting! Congrats, Dorothy, on yet another book. It sounds like a great tale. I hope to get a chance to put in an order over at your publishing website one of these days . . . I’ve had my eye on two other of your titles as well.

    Are you already at work on your next book? I know you don’t rest idle very long.

    • Good to hear from you, Chris, and thank you. It’s a bit like a new baby at the moment. Can’t stop looking at it and smiling and cooing at the cover image. At the same time I feel as if I’ve waved goodbye to friends who have lived with me for the past year and more as this book took as a starting point a short story I wrote previously.Now I feel I want a break, but at the same time fidget because the work that filled much of my days has gone.

      How is your writing doing? I love reading your pieces on Vietnam.

  3. Chris says:

    I should add that the only reason I didn’t have my eye on all three other books was because I’d missed the announcement about In the Wake of the Coup. Adding this to the TBR list too. So much to read, so little time.

    • Know the feeling. Whenever we have a warm, sunny afternoon I take a chair outside and read. Otherwise reading is an evening activity and by the time I open a book I’m feeling tired. I get fidgety if I’m not writing so am mulling over an idea (actually another short story with potential for expanding into a book – the lazy way of coming up with ideas!). Some day soon I think I’ll be forced to take the plunge and make a start.

  4. walter- says:

    I greet you and send congratulations for this new book.

  5. Congratulations, Dorothy! Very exciting. That’s an impressive-looking stack and I wish you the very best of luck!

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