What to do when…

Go Banana's

So the broadband has gone down. First feeling is frustration, then annoyance — the why has this happened to us, today, gushed reaction. Urrrgh! What to do?

Pot throwing

What to do? How about…throwing a few things around…

Computers comply and boot up, follow orders, except when they need that all- important broadband connection. And nowadays that mean all the time. The days of dial-up, the bleeps, sighing tones, long delay while a wee scale like a thermometer indicates the level of connectedness — or non-connectedness as was mostly the case, are gone. The world of connectivity has moved on.

Then, you sat and urged it on, patience wearing thin to annoyance, an urge to kick the computer to make the wee line move. This was the point when the effort became too much and computer gave up the ghost, meaning you had to embark again on the process or turn to something else. If luck and technology were on your side, you might get a connection, probably slow when changing pages or sites, leaving you to wander off to make a coffee in the hope a miracle would occur whilst you were away.

Balalaika players

…you could take a deep breath to calm yourself and sing a few well chosen songs…

Looking back on those not-so-distant days I suppose the system is so much better, though those of us in rural areas still suffer slow connections and glitches. On television we have adverts for 4G in London, while here we still feel ourselves lucky to have 2G, albeit with very patchy coverage. Recently, when late at night needing the help of our car breakdown service, sitting between two major supermarkets in a main Borders town, a signal for the mobile phone couldn’t be found, not even when husband strode up to the highest point he could find and waved his mobile around as if trying to catch a falling star. He might as well have been. Eventually he had to fall on the goodwill and help of supermarket staff.

Could be a Japanese dish.

To the non-tech amongst us one lot of cables looks much like another.

Cables and connections have been checked with no obvious problem found. Our internet service provider, when contacted by phone, says it sounds like the router. It’s only a year old, but a new one is obviously needed. Only when we buy and connect that will we discover whether or not it’s the old router that was causing the problem.

First action would of course be to go online and do some research — what’s available, what’s new, what’s considered the best buy, who’s selling at the keenest price? But that option isn’t open to us. We need reconnected. We’re having withdrawal symptoms without our constant doses of news and information in all its formats. So a new router is a priority.

Next baby drop is number 86

…or we could watch the birds and their antics…

Trouble is the boiler is leaking oily water,

Falling water

Gushing forth.

soaking the floor around it,

Water on the rocks, no lemon.

Water…lots of water.

and making a thudding alternating with a banging noise, a one appliance band.

Is that an instrument?

Wind, lots of wind band

We don’t want to think how old it is as it usually works fine — more or less. We’ve been trying to get the engineer to come for over a week, but it seems a glut of people with boiler problems are keeping him from us. Yesterday we were told he would be here this afternoon. So we now have a tussle between need for boiler and need for broadband.

Antique chic or speed?

Maybe we could go for a spin and leave the problems behind…

Hooray, the boiler engineer’s van has just pulled up. So as he sorts boiler I sit down to look forlornly at my computer screen and find myself writing this. Then, we can have lunch and drive up to Edinburgh in search of a new router. Fingers crossed it works and disperses our frustration by allowing us back online. How sad is that?

Reason to eat cake.

Cake! now there’s a good idea…


Back home with router, and a carful of shopping. Son is connecting up new router while I make a meal and look forward to getting back online. Phone calls indicate problems. The new router isn’t working any better than the old — that is, not at all. Engineer will come out tomorrow, though of course there will be a charge for that.

Rose drawn in chocolate with cake

Naughty but nice, though I still feel frustrated…and guilty…

The next day

Engineer here this morning. The fault, it appears, is in our wee rural exchange. A temporary repair has been made, but it will need a proper fix later. Meantime, we’re back on line — with the old router, after having forked out for a new one and awaiting a bill for the engineer for a fault we had no control over. What do you do when such things happen!

Garage door hug

A hug…that’s what’s needed. A big, all-embracing hug. Sigh of satisfaction.




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6 Responses to What to do when…

  1. Pat Mosel says:

    I seem to remember that it was not so long ago that you were experiencing frustrations with broadband as well. Let’s hope this experience is the last! Best wishes, Pat

  2. Thanks, Pat. The exchange in the village I suspects badly needs upgrading, given the number of new houses built recently and the expansion of the school. We’ve had numerous problems over the years with telephone lines and broadband, but as it becomes such a large, essential part of living, it’s really frustrating to be without it – like being cut off from the world.

  3. mybrightlife says:

    Ha! Small Village Syndrome. We also have periods of attack from it down here at times.
    Glad it is sorted. Love what you did with the pics! And I will now eat more cake!

    • BT (the new face of British Telecom) still owns the exchange and lines, and I guess we are too wee and insignificant here to warrant an upgrade. Most frustrating. If more cake was the answer, I’m sure I would be enormous by now, but it’s nice to enjoy a slice of carrot cake occasionally.

  4. Walter says:

    Small towns may have difficulties such as slow internet connections; however has advantages of greater contact with nature. Enjoy that.
    As for slow connections some companies sell internet package says “up to 3 Gb” (this means you can receive 3 or maybe 2 or less. Read the fine print in contracts and sometimes find surprises.

    • Thanks, Walter. I agree about the greater contact with nature, though sometimes the weather here does make that difficult. Anyway, hope you have a very enjoyable time over Christmas and the New Year.

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